The Enoteca Picone welcomes you to its historic location and gives you the possibility to drink any of the labels exposed with a surcharge at the table of 8€ from the price displayed on the shelf. If, on the other hand, you are a more moderate drinker, you can ask for a glass of any bottle within 50€ for a minimum of two people. You will soon do the math... The price on the shelf + 8€ divided by 4.


cold cuts and cheeses large plate 26,00 €

cold cuts and cheeses medium plate 20,00 €

cold cuts and cheeses small plate 12,00 €

ciabattina bread with stracciatella , anchovies , guanciale and basil 12,00 €

hard-boiled egg with marsala mayonnaise 6,00 €

argentiera caciocavallo cheese 12,00 €

beef tartare on brunoise of cherry tomatoes and avocado 18,00 €

boiled meat salad alla palermitana 18,00 €

fillet of ombrine "all'acqua pazza" 20,00 €

fish ceviche 20,00 €

buffalo mozzarella with cucumber salad and prickly pears 12,00 €

aubergine parmigiana meatballs 12,00 €


watermelon pudding 6,00 €

ice cream "bombetta" 6,00 €

mixed dessert stand 12,00 €

Products in green are allergens