The Picone wine shop in Palermo since 1946



One of the services offered by the Enoteca Picone is the service with tasting room every evening from 18 to 23:30 that makes the tasting extremely pleasant and interesting. The wine shop boasts more than 7,000 labels including Italian and Sicilian wines of excellence. The Locali are a popular and renowned meeting point.

Biodynamic and organic wines are available among the many labels. You can also find excellent liqueurs such as the best brandy or cognac, whiski or grappa and a special selection of beers. The possibility of tasting the wines with high quality products such as cheese and cold meats served on platters makes it cozy and comfortable. Today, those who know the wine shops know that the company is among the most important in the wine-tasting panorama.

The environment is warm and harmonious with young and inviting furniture made with wooden and glass tables with barrels as a base. In addition to managing the wine shop, the company also offers the sale of wines to restaurants. It is able to provide important supplies for clubs, restaurants and hotels.

Thanks to the professionalism demonstrated over the years by the current owners who have worked with passion and dedication, today the wine shop is able to meet every need, offering quality solutions and gift packaging particular and refined. Today the Picone wine shop is a point of reference, maintaining high quality standards has managed to obtain the highest score given to the best places in Italy by Gambero Rosso.





The Picone wine shop has a tasting room, where you can find a creative and original passionate service to meet your curiosity and needs. "We are in the place that has made the history of modern wine in Sicily. From here have passed wines and winemakers, from here have taken the lead in fashion and trends, here was born the drive to modern oenology that makes this terroir great. It's this terroir, here at Picone, where history is told". In June 2013, the wine shop received the highest score among the best places in Italy from Gambero Rosso. The Picone wine shop is the only one where you can taste all the vintages of every wine that has made history. There are 7 thousand labels available.